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A startup always involves not only risks but also special freedom and flexibility in product creation. It is even more interesting when the product has serious ambitions to create a strong modern brand. This was the goal this time – to create a brand of a chain of restaurants. The only point of reference was the desire to make them Pan-Asian.
Exactly such startups with freedom (but also with responsibility) are the most pleasant to work with, even though in this particular case the volume of work was the maximum – starting with the format of the restaurant and the creation of a global marketing strategy for the brand, though creation of naming, logo, and corporate identity, and ending with a series of creative advertising campaigns to support the launch of the restaurants.

Analyzing the market, it was discovered that many Pan-Asian restaurants are too adapted for the consumer.
Also, people tended to trust a mono-product eatery as many turned out to be tired of numerous sushi-pizza-hookah places.

As for the product itself, while studying the global trends it was noticed that Japanese soup ramen was rapidly gaining its popularity.
During the following research, a portrait of the target audience was formed, based on the description of the behavior of which all further activities to create the product and launch advertising communications were conducted.


Taking into account the analytical data, the decision was made in favor of a mono-product ramen restaurant. The marketing position of the brand, which sounds like “Ramen, which gives the impression of modern pop culture in Japan”, as the basis of communications should create a feeling of an authentic Japanese restaurant.
Based on the analysis of the world market as well as Japanese gastronomic and pop culture, a roadmap for the implementation of the brand strategy was created, which includes 30+ specific ideas and solutions for transmitting the brand value in communications, product, and service.

While working on naming as a part of the strategy, the name “ザキヤマカカシ” was developed, which is translated as “It is Ramen” from Japanese. The main purpose of using the hieroglyphs was to take advantage of the whole ramen category, without a reference to a particular name. This concept can also be scaled to a whole family of brands to be launched (we do not talk about it yet).
Also, a corresponding visual corporate identity was developed based on illustrations in Japanese pop culture style in the same context.
In conclusion, creative advertising campaigns under the code names “Ramen has come!” and “Logical, sophisticated and weird Japan” were created. At the moment they are in the implementation phase, so the fun has just begun!

Client: ToYeRamen
Strategy: They Agency
Creative: They Agency

Naming: They Agency
Design: Dima Phase

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