Advertising campaign creation
Shooting a commercial


Uncomfortable topics, complex audience, risk to be blamed by majority, hmm. Isn’t this an indicator of a great project? For us, yes! This is it! A challenge that we always welcome. Especially when it comes to the global scope of the topic itself and the global geography of the project. This is all about the LGBTQI+ topic. And no, that is not randomly typed set of letters, it is because the types of people with an unconventional view on sexual and gender identity is already much more than we previously imagined. For all of them, the topic of finding partners for sex, relationships, and just talking about their interests is very relevant.

To solve this issue, there is a product for which we had to advertise. This is Taimi – app with social network functionality for LGBTQI + community. Dating, sex, relationships, friendship with people who perceive the world differently and in the world that perceives them (at least for now) differently as well. To advertise such a product with an accent on performance in digital channels – that’s the task we faced.

The most interesting thing about any project is people. And in this case, they appeared particularly interesting.


To do a proper creative job, you have to know who you’re doing it for. So, a number of interviews have been conducted, a lot of video materials from LGBTQI+ influenсers have been watched and community with all the posts, comments and statements have been researched. It turned out that this audience likes to express everything that is painful for them, so we had enough materials to understand their motives, pains, drivers, and insights.

On these findings our advertising campaign concepts were built. And the most relevant topic was the coming out. The thing is for LGBTQI + community people it is not only a serious step that they do once and forever, but also a kind of their daily routine, that might be extremely stressful at times. New acquaintances, communication at work, other everyday social contacts – everywhere you have to do coming outs. This hyperbolized situation with endless coming outs formed the basis of a large-scale advertising campaign, which began with a series of commercials.

The concept was scaled up in influencer marketing and PR and outgrew from a performance to a large-scale brand campaign.

Creative agency — They Agency
Director — Lada Sabova
DOP — Paul Itkin
Producer — Den Galushka
Art Director — Inna Alimova
Art Department — Olia Turutia, Helen Viasovska, Max Param, Diana Strizhenkova
Gaffer — Vitalii Bachako
1st Assistant Camera — Jim Blind
2nd Assistant Camera — Vlad Chernoliasov
Editor — Lada Sabova
Color Grading — Artur Kozhevnik

Style — Kamilla Agisheva
Makeup & Hair — Katrin Makeup Studio: Kterine Bondarenko, Margarita Kukharchuk
Nails — Viktoria Kalichak
Man’s hair — Machael Samotoy
Making of — Iaroslav Lukash, Serhii Sokolov, Polina Svirska
Helpers — Anna Ieremenko, Polina Itkina
Technical Support — Andrii Lulko, Mam rental
Location — Mental Complex Studio
Special thanks — Rabbit studio, studio Bingo, Welcome studio, Olia Budnik, Effects show, Farfor home decor, Bloom flowery, Cooli balloons, Tokarevsoundgroup, Zpromo group


3 locations, 5 heroes, 10 plots, 19 hours of non-stop shooting

Taimi – ONI Creative Agency