Snih na holovu

Marketing strategy creation, brand design


Social entrepreneurship often risks to simply remaining a social project rather than becoming a full-fledged business. There is nothing wrong with that, but successful entrepreneurship ultimately provides much more opportunities to develop the social component of business as well.

Social entrepreneurship is a global trend that has only recently started to reach a serious level. However, the audience is not always ready to easily perceive the social component. That is why this project fell on our heads like snow out of a clear sky, and we had to build a brand with the business component as the main value for the audience – this is a restaurant where people with mental disabilities work in the kitchen.

The specific task was to develop the very essence of the restaurant’s brand and the marketing strategy for its positioning and promotion. The peculiarity of this project was not only an unusual business format, but also the fact that different extraordinary agencies and specialists of the restaurant business, cuisine, marketing, copywriting, graphic design, and architecture teamed up to achieve the common goal. And our task was to harmoniously link and complement all the developments until the formation of one coherent and understandable road map of the brand building.

When we were analyzing the market, it hit us that it may not be so noticeable, but there had already been a fundamental revolution in the restaurant business. Its new representatives were restaurants with some kind of separate unidirectional concept as opposed to the old school “universal restaurants”. For this reason, the positions and communications of brands are shifting from exclusively product/food-centered to directions, primarily related to impressions and emotions.


New segments of potential audience are being formed in response to market changes. In our case, during in-depth research of the audience it was necessary to identify not only potential segments, their motives, and barriers, and prescribe a general behavioral portrait, but also to determine the best way to interact with the brand from the moment of acquaintance to the eternal love (loyalty). It turned out that the main milestones on this path were the desire to get new impressions, comfort of interaction and frankness of the brand.

As for the product itself, the format of which we still had to define, we had only a common understanding of the scale of the restaurant and its Big Idea. But the Big Idea is the most important thing that fundamentally shapes the value of the brand, so it was not so little. So the Idea was to create a society in which no one divides into “normal” and “abnormal”. It was this Big Idea, based on logic and data from market and audience research, that helped us to formulate a value concept for our restaurant – it was the brand’s position: “Snih na holovu*” is rethinking the formats of modern restaurants and the relationships between people.

* Originally “Снiг на голову” – its verbal translation is “It’s snowing on your head” which means something happening out of a clear blue sky, out of thin air, something quite unexpected and surprising.

This idea was supposed to be communicated in the product itself, creating a separate format that combines street food, city cafes and festival activities. And, of course, to broadcast their values in advertising communications in the appropriate tone.

The plan of delivering the concept to the audience was outlined as a calendar of specific activities, which consisted of 30+ ideas and a schedule of advertising channels and ways of promotion. At the moment the place is already functioning and is waiting for its guests!

Client: Snih na holovu

Strategy: They Agency

Snih na holovu – ONI Creative Agency