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Marketing strategy creation


In technological brands, ruthless in their rationality, there are their horrors and at the same time their charm. They all rely on advantages in every millimeter, second or megabyte. Sometimes they also come up with something new, add new functionality, combine technology – where would you go without it in the today’s world? But as a result, communication of technology brands looks like beauty contests among robot models. That’s why to destroy traditions of battles with technical characteristics is exactly the challenge we have been waiting for.

In this opportunity to create a rational brand but first and foremost for a person, the main charm is hidden for us. And what if we are talking about a worldwide brand with its history and strong traditions? As was exactly the case with Leica Geosystems. The pedantic Swiss have improved their reputation over the course of a century and have become world market leaders by selling their solutions at the highest price. This market is dominated by an innovation race that provokes the creation of new “unique” solutions, whose fate is still in the hands of the customer.

So, brands give unique offers for the market, and the needs (not even that unique, but at least some) are not yet present. Such an example was the Leica BLK360 laser scanner – a solution acknowledged as revolutionary in the world and not yet fully understood. As a result, people have an interest, but the company has no sales.
It was our job to create an effective product position and its imprint plan in the minds of our target audience. I.e. to create a marketing strategy and an advertising communications plan to start selling this new product.


During the analysis stage, we found an inconsistency in the market in which the product is located. This is the facility design market. Despite all its severe truthfulness and complexity in economic, legal and cultural aspects, this market is still developing and does that in the direction of new technology and business geography expansion. But at the same time, the category of ground laser scanning is generally unknown and incomprehensible to designers and constructors. Moreover, the cost of the solution is tens of times higher than the options that are being used at the moment.

As a result of deep researches of target audiences which were conducted not only for revealing of motives but also for the search of an actual segment, the basic requirement has been deduced – new projects, even cooler, more expensive and interesting projects.

The Leica BLK360 laser scanner with its features, compact size, design and (God forgive us) technical specifications in this context can be seen not as a measuring tool, but as an opportunity to perform and even generate those new and more serious projects. Of course, if the communication is structured correctly.

Hence our position – “a tool for entering new markets”. In this context, new markets are both the level of projects and the geography of their implementation. Recommendations for each stage of the sales pipeline are developed in the tone of entrepreneurship as opposed to the technical tone, which is traditional for this market. We will not show you a plan of advertising campaigns for online and offline communication channels though, because you already know too much.

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