Advertising campaign creation
Shooting a commercial


Distinct rebranding of a successful product is always an ambitious aim and a strong challenge. Talking about Confidel confectionery, it was not just a rebranding, but a merger with one of the most accomplished confectionaries in Kyiv, Cakelab. Even though it eased the start under a new brand with the existing reputation, a risk to have a drop in sales still remained.

That’s why a task to create an advertising campaign arose – to attract new customers to the renewed brand while maintaining a loyal customer base. Simply put, by means of advertising communication we had to demonstrate the product value to potential audiences and explain reasons for the changes to a loyal audience.


While analyzing the market, we established that the whole category of craft confectioneries used the same communication tonality – product-centered communication based on flavors and aesthetics. Along with that most of our assortment was considered to be a premium product, while flavors and formats chosen to be favorite turned out to be pretty much addictive among our loyal consumers.

The solution was an advertising campaign we called “The hunt has begun” with a bold tone and exaggeration of the taste of our products. It was an integrated communication involving influencers as commercial actors, which was divided into a teaser, main campaign, and opening-event for phased audience involvement with the interaction between online and offline channels.

Client: Cakelab
Creative agency: They Agency
Director: Lada Sabova
Producer: Meriam Yol
DoP, Edit, Colorist: Paul Itkin

Light:  Mam Rental
DoP assistant: Jim Blind
Make up:  Arventi Anna
Design: Margo Garyazha
Backstage: Everest


Integrated advertising campaign

Cost per click


There was no damage to tangible assets (actually, no)

Cakelab – ONI Creative Agency